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Posted on 2020-03-18 02:42:24 by Heterochroma_Bun

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I like these two as a couple there not as flushed out as you'd like them to be but there ok but one thing I don't like about it is that homosexuality is treated more like a fad these day like most media does it because of the novelty of the current times I mean I'm not a homophobe but it dosen't feels like a relationship between two people it's just for the diversity which is good but when it's everywhere it just becomes part of the zeitgeist and I mean everyone does Steven universe loud house legend of korra I might just be speaking for myself but In my opinion differentiation of varying sexualities is not something to be celebrated or condemned it just needs to be accepted

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I Agree. :)

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^thank you

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It's a joke, right? Because it's the stupidest thing I've ever read.

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^a joke huh I'm just saying what I think I need your approval

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^Obviously you do not need my approval to give your opinion, for examples we have thousands of people on social networks who comment on stupid things or nonsense without even having a bit of common sense. Do you see ?, you are not the only one ;3

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This guy speaks the truth.

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Is Someone Gonna Put Suna In The Tags?

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^eventually that's what the tagme is for

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