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Posted on 2020-03-05 23:20:01 by SuperNovaMaster

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Hell yeah, please post more..

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50ft Carol: everyone’s paying attention to Lori.
Becky: I still think you’re cool.
Carol: thanks invisible Becky.

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I like big guts and I cannot lie!

Double chins with the chafin' thighs!

When a dude walks in with the hanging jowls,

My stomach starts to growl — I'm getting hungry!

So I masticate, chompin' on the overweight,

I eat fat people for days, like potato chips by Lay's,

Try to eat just one but it can't be done, I gotta eat a ton!

Baby likes fat!

Baby likes fat!

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^ Okay, you get props for that.

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“Thank god I’m in America.”