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Posted on 2019-12-04 15:00:57 by 364wii_

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Nobody wants you here you nigger pedo piece of shit.

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^Hey, nobody like a pessimist racist omnicidal maniac who takes things like this a little too personal when it comes to art like this either, but you're still here, hehe!

Why not do yourself a favor and make something of your own then! You know, prove that you're the better artist then, you know, putting your money where your mouth is?

Posted on 2019-12-04 22:12:11 Score: 0 (vote Up/Down)    (Reported)
^^ Really? This coming from someone who faps to loli/shota incest? LOL

And Gennai,the problem is its not loudcest. A good majority of loud house fans have absolute total meltdowns if Loudcest isn't features in stories and drawings XD

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@Del This message makes me sad in a certain sense because... As I said another time, as someone that ship in a serious and romantic way all the Loud siblings together plus Linka and Liberty (I'd like them as canon little sisters actually) and some others (these some others aren't from the show, even if in a certain sense they are... Anyway... but they're still Louds... Nevermind... Practically I ship at least 19 people together in a serious and romantic way (21 if also Linka and Liberty will be added)... Yes, I'm very weird), it makes me very sad to read this... I'd like that everyone would respect each others' shipping tastes. And as I said here and I want to search about this ship also stuff of good quality. For example there are pics that despite being of the ship I like, I don't like them because of the quality. Because when I search about my ship, I want also to find good art (and stories of course if we're talking of fanfictions. And of course also good comics) Anyway, I respect good quality art, even if it's not of my ship. I will do again an example, these pics or or and also this drawing here aren't of course with my ships, and actually they go against, so in that sense I dislike them, but I respect that others have different tastes than me and also, when I see all these pics, I'm able to see very good art and stories, and I respect that quite a lot, I know it's not easy to make them and good stories and pics and comics should be respected and I respect them. And I'd wish to have their very good skills. Actually I don't even have a little of their skills and if I had just a small percentage, even very very small, I'd be already much better than I'm now. Instead I have very shitty abilities... I wish one day to be good and I hope I'm improving with time... Well I hope of it. Anyway that's to show how much I respect them for how good they are. And I wish them to stay good and happy. So anyway, really, it makes me sad to see and think that people aren't able to respect each others' tastes and so I'm very sorry for it...

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Deewa is a nigger

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Damn, people sure get upset when they can't draw themselves fucking their loli waifu as well as this. They shit over there looking like stick figure hangmen.

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@Alowicious I'm sorry if what you understand from my message is that I'm upset because of this :(. I wanted to tell exactly the contrary. While I ship Lilycoln, I know TheMinus did a very good job with this commission and indeed I compliment him. What I wanted to say is that I'd like that everyone can be free to have their ships...

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Big mad in the comments lol

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^big mad, but report

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*big report