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Posted on 2019-11-21 05:16:01 by HappyMind

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Lynncoln never gets old.

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Lynncoln Dance

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Reminder that the FrestKnight is a waifufag who hates Lincoln

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^Finally someone else who can see that FreshKnight isn't that great. You should of seen her triggered raging on twitter over what javi said. It's so hilarious. She's also someone who can't handle anyone not liking lynn jr, or the friendship between ronnie anne and sid. Funny she throws shade at lincoln fans for being senitive when she herself a lynn jr fan as about as sensitive as them and people actually defend fresh's actions.

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Also what is fresh's obsession with leotards and that stupid finger snapping dance? We seen this exact pose before do something else fresh, fucking sensitive ass cunt.

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^^link or it didn't happen

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@Haydo and Anon 1
Don't forget her promise-breaking. January of this year was when she decided to get rid of her "negative" art from her DA account. She did so by deleting some pictures and removing the text from others.
The "negative" art included but not limited to: Making fun of people who ship Lincoln with everyone, making fun of people who consider Ronniecoln an abusive relationship, insulting people who hate "No Such Luck" and/or make anti-NSL fics, and, of course, flipping of people who hate Lynn.
Two months later, she made this and put it here, but not on DA; presumably hoping that no one there would notice.

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^^^Unless you have proof that this actually happened, I'm not believing a word you're saying.

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If you wanna gossip like a bunch of old hens, can't you do it in the forum?

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She has admitted on multiple occasions that she's really sensitive when it comes to Lynn Jr.

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