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Posted on 2019-11-13 23:24:34 by Trooper201

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Fat ass motherfucker

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Go Chazni or go home!

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I don't like Chaz tbh. Not being rude or anything. I can't tell why I don't like him tho.

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Look all of you grow up and stop being negative

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Sometimes yes my art maybe not the best quality at times but I am sorry your stuck with me for life.

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It’s not about being negative sometimes art isn’t the best quality yeah maybe it’s not the best but sorry your stuck with it.

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Plus I plan to make more loud house art eventually I am hoping to make all sisters and BFF’s something not many artist do as much. I am looking to my next being Francisco and Lynn on the list and maybe more hopefully you got to realise when you choose poses they’re not easy to do sometimes until you get the hang of it.