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Posted on 2019-11-13 10:49:49 by NewCartoonLover75

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Hey everybody, I'm back from 4-week break in Mexico. And here's another picture that I finished, Is about Lincoln getting his revenge on Luan for typing him up and forcing him to listened to every single sick unfunny joke: So he decided to tied her up in her swimsuit and put some dust tape on her mouth to shut up, And forces her to swim in a tank of disgusting grease (Which is bad for your skin and will grow pimples all over your body). And Lincoln only wants to humiliate Luan for it by growing a lot of pimples all over her body and make the people think that she's a monster, Even to make her suffered like the way she made him suffered.

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Plot twist Lincoln sets her free and apologizes her.

Okay, the 3 rules on top of your drawing isn't gonna make a difference nor is going to make us accept it.

Because that's not what being an artist is all about.
It's about fun and creation, that's the goal. Not making this mess and so called "art" of yours and getting angry to people everyday.

If you're not having fun with this, then just stop. Or you'll end up in a stroke one day and you'll forget everything you know and love. And that would completely change your life forever.

Yeah unfortunately for you, you cannot bullshit what's part of life. Lincoln isn't real, your life is probably in a critical situation, the best advice I can give you is if you lay off the fight over a dumb image.

NOT acting like a special snowflake hippie who can't handle a single damn criticisms. Not to offend you or anything but thats exactly what I'm thinking what you are. It's not a fact what I thought about you, but you gotta see why I think that way about you. That's called criticisms, feedbacks. That's why there's a lot of successful artists throughout the internet.

Btw, Lincoln eats sundae with Luan. Now that's a better ending! ;)

Deal with it. Seriously.

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PLOT TWIST: Lincoln kills St199912 for plot twisting other people's comments and throws Luan into that tank of just grease to just humiliated her! NOT killing her.

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^And you just prooved St199912's point. Besides, Even if Luan does get covered in zits, her family and Benny are still gonna love her no matter what.