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Posted on 2019-11-07 17:32:49 by HappyMind

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Lynn Jr: I remember it was a Halloween, when I noticed that it was becoming a burden, it was very slow and only delayed, I had to collect more candy than anyone else, I let go of his hand and walked away, he would gather many more sweets, maybe later he would share them with him,That was the beginning of our independence, from that day we began to follow our own paths. "You're very slow, follow me the weight, don't be a 'loser".

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Lincoln: "Lynn, wait!"

Lynn Jr: After that, every change, I met a friend and began to spend a lot of time with him, I was happy for Lincoln But... I was finally free, to go on and win, win for me, for my sisters and for him. Now I am a winner, I can already receive your love.

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Lynn Jr: This is my most important victory and my whole family is here for me. I expected to be the center of attention for my effort, but Lincoln would no longer wait for me.