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Posted on 2019-10-03 05:24:30 by NewCartoonLover75

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Well my revenge fantasys are back, But with Lincoln getting his revenge on Lucy for the first time. And even for being brainwashed under her evil spell:, So he decided to kill her with a dangerous laser cannon. Then turn her into ashes and put her ashes in a jar, And finally throw them into a pit of quicksand. But with the whole jar inside.

NOTE: I'm warning you, Anonymous, AnhydrousExcess and giantdouche. If any of you punks copy or plot twist my comments, And especially blackmail me about that Lincoln is going to kill me. Then I'll send you jerks to the moon, But without space suits or helmets and especially food or drinks FOR ALL ETERNITY!

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^dude I can’t believe you’re getting all riled up over a drawing, calm down man!

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Well Linc doesn't deserve to be hypnotized, being a slave, being mistreated like an animal or being manipulated by his chaotic-causing sisters. He deserves his FREEDOM! And that's it.

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Dude quit this it just art sometimes it get overhand but not like this

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HIT THE ROAD, Djremix001!

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When you tell me not to troll you, it makes me want to troll you.

It would have been better if Lincoln said

"No, Ms. Lucy. I expect you to die!"

You understand the reference, right?
I don't know if third graders would know what I'm referencing.

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I never thought of I have to say this, But. Welcome to my world, giantdouche.

Also thanks for the advice.

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You mean no more NewCartoonTover75 because acting like a child

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For the last time I told you to BUTT OUT, Djremix001!

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@Djremix001 Now sees here, You butt-head! If you ever keep on stalking or bugging me in every art that I created. Then you'll be receiving a lifetime of an eternity of me, KICKING YOUR ASS!

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