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Posted on 2019-09-16 17:25:14 by CharleeShafty-MMM817

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Ugly as hell delete this shittu picture

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(Shut the fuck up fuckin white pig!)^

Hahaha...nice pic!

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Alright, let's see you do better Anon 1.

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@Anon1. What about no and stop acting like a monkey ass of the internet.

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Shut the fuck up

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I'm sorry guys I Won't do this again I will not

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What people don’t realize is that they just jumped to commit suicide.

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^what does that mean

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You know this is creepier when genderswapped. Why would any teenage boy have a crush on a young girl like that. Fucking ick.

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[Linka goes into her room, and she decides to contact Claire with her walkie-talkie.]
Linka: "Claire, this is Linka! Come in! I've got a Code Blue!"
[the screen splits in half to show Claire's location.]
Claire: "Code Blue?! You did something wrong and lied about it, and now everything is all messed up?!"
Linka: "Affirmative! Can you come over?!"
Claire: "Negative. I've got a Code Green!"
Linka: "You showed up to school in your underwear?"
Claire: "No, that's Code Orange? Hang on."
[Claire's is revealed to be skydiving with Loki, and she takes a picture of them with her camera phone; Linka gets the picture via text message on her phone, and she jumps up in surprise.]
Linka "SWEET FATHER OF...What are you doing with Loki?!"
Claire: "I've been trying to tell you! A Code Green; Loki broke up with Bebe, and I'm the rebound girl!"
Loki: "Happy eight-minute-iversary, Claire-bear!"
[Claire leans in for a kiss, but Loki deploys his parachute, causing Claire to kiss a flying bird instead.]
Linka: [gags and throws away the walkie-talkie.] "WHAT IS HAPPENING TO MY FAMILY?!"

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