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Posted on 2019-09-13 21:39:31 by Molliesharp

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Man, talk about wasted talent.

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Javi's Samcoln fanarts rules!!

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^^ it will be if at least there is any talent to waste

this looks terrible, I menan the sofa is badly draw , her body anatomy is terrible, her legs and feet are completely out of proportion and if Lincoln is standing on the floor while doing it he's a midget or have the shorter legs ever seen, also is funny how he always draw him taller than her sometimes and others his smaller like his body grow and reduce when is convenient, is he made of rubber?, And the X-ray bubble need to be that big? Well sure need to be as big as their heads poor characters with hydrocephalus

Lern to draw please

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^ Yeah, I agree. With there being thousands upon thousands of artists on the internet, I'm going to bitch about javi instead of looking at artists I enjoy. It upsets me that he doesn't meet my standard. And because of this, I simply cannot ignore this transgression. How very well dare you javisuzumiya. How dare you!

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Lets see you do better, troll. ^

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You have no talent @anon1!

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@anon2 If you don't like javi's art then do it yourself.

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I'm not the critic but I want to answer to anons that continue to say "I want to see you to do it better" and similar. That's not a valid excuse. I already told it why in the previous pic so I'm going to copy what I already wrote.
" It would be better to be an artist because that would means that of course you have information and/or are an expert, but you don't need to be an artist to be able to see errors. And in general with everything actually isn't necessary. It's like saying you need to be a carpenter to see that a table made by another one isn't a good one. You just need to see if it isn't able to support the weight it should be able, if it shakes or even worse it falls apart even without anything on it, you can see something is wrong even if you aren't an expert. Same things with drawings."

Regarding the fact "Then don't see it" that also isn't a valid excuse. It would be valid if what he was criticizing is the content like the ship or that he doesn't like the people in it. But he is talking of the quality and in that case the critic is completely fair and is not possible to justify an error by saying "don't see it" it's only very immature. Critics should be taken when valid and honest to improve.

But said this I also want to add that actually I think he's being too much harsh now. Some of the things he said doesn't seem errors, so you should explain yourseld better to see if I'm wrong. But I admit that from what you pointed out there is also here a big problem and an error I can notice. The proportions indeed are very bad done in this pic. This is an older Lincoln, so a tall one, but despite this he really appears as a midget. Here the error is obvious. Look at the size difference between them. It's made very wrong. So indeed the proportions I agree with you. They are incorrect and badly done.

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like you're one to talk asshole, wasted talent? FUCK YOU!
you ain't no better're just a troll.

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