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Posted on 2019-08-23 03:03:09 by TMNTFAN85

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And you were supposed to fix something?

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What a faggot manchild, he deleted the image because he can't handle the criticism. Ok, let's redo it. Lol Always the same errors, always the same kind of shit. Shitty anatomy, no shading, smear effects, no sense of perspective, no able to do a fucking straight line, lines that are supposed to be behind are drawed upper. Anyway very nice left arm for Mazzy, is broken or something else? And always about the arms, why one arm, the right one, is shorter than the left one? Misplaced legs and badly shape; they are flat as fuck and also the shirt Mazzy is wearing appear to be her skin; a leg is fatter than the other one and deformed heads, especially the Lincoln's one. Very shitty hands as always.

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Well the shades are not always necessary specially for this type of characters, but the anatomy problems are obvious, the part that is actually more sad is that his actually trying his best, and the funny part is that this is the best he can to after all this year's

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Anyway let's see the "correct" and "improved" version. The are still the smears effects, the back is still broken and the legs misplaced and one fatter than the other. Now the left arm is slightly shorter but not perfect in that thing, ironically now it also have other problems, now the left arm isn't anymore attached to her shoulder, if you draw a line in the part that should be hidden by the guitar, if you link the points you see now it's even more misplaced than before lol. Of course there isn't a single fucking straight line, he really has mental problems that don't allow to draw them. Oh by the way also her right arm is fatter than the left one. Deformed heads. And let's speak a little of the hands, how funny is that thumb on Mazzy's left hand? It isn't in any way positioned well, so this means that Mazzy has some nonexistent bones between her thumb and the rest of her hand or that her thumb is floating on its own. And let's speak a little of the fact they are flat as fuck. Aside that the shirt she is wearing, and even worse her jacket, to be precise the part near her collarbone and neck, seems to be a continuation of her skin, and the guitar, aside from being horrible shaped, have no fucking sense. From this point of view and the way she is holding it, it's impossible to see it in that way. At this point someone should do a "THIS IS WHAT TMNTFAN85 ACTUALLY PERCEIVES IMAGINE LIFE THROUGH HIS EYES ONLY THEN CAN YOU UNDERSTAND" with a photo and edit it using at least the shit anatomy he show in pics, it would be almost impossible to edit to show also all the other horrendous things here.

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anon2: i deleted it because i fucked up the arm and fixed it. not because of your tired repeated trolling.

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Well I agree with the mistakes you pointed , arms are bad, left hand position is wrong, fix is not only reduce a part and that's it you must check the change and see if affects the rest of the body , jacket is badly draw, the body is to long and as you said the back is broken, legs are on a bad position, guitar shape is awfull, so yeah this is the best this guy can do after all this year's, honestly even when is sound stupid to say I miss when sketchtoons draw this characters

People can say "come on there are worst things around than what this guy do" and it's true, but the fact is that this guy is been doing this for years and he used to presume that other artist "that now he hate and only talk shit about them" where helping him, like he has a chance others don't and still learned nothing, no one likes this guy, the other booru did the right thing and kick him out but here Misha don't have the balls to do it and I know that here is free for people to post his work so is also not fair to do it

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^^ you only fix it because he pointed the error if no one say anything you probably just live it like that

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"Tired repeated trolling" Another proof of the fact you're a manchild. You should know that is criticism. But you're too much narcissistic to understand it. And as the anon above me has said, if I didn't point out it you wouldn't haven tried to correct this shit. And besides, do you really think to have done a great correction work? If you really was an artist you would have thrown this in the cesspool in which it belongs and actually tried to do a better work and not this shit that is still very badly done and that actually manage to even worsen some things.