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Posted on 2019-08-22 11:19:07 by Darthbane2017

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Is it funny to see how fandom imagines things that will never happen? some are creiblas, but others are really stupid and this is one of those cases.

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It could happen, somewhere down the line...

Posted on 2019-08-22 11:02:32 Score: 0 (vote Up/Down)    (Report as spam)
It's so beautiful! I promised myself I wouldn't cry!

Posted on 2019-08-22 12:59:24 Score: 0 (vote Up/Down)    (Report as spam)
Hey? Anon 1?

Shut the fuck up. No one cares about your stupid anti-Suna agenda. We’re here having a good time, enjoying a wholesome pic, then here you are trying to fucking ruin shit. Fuck off. And they wonder why Sunafags are the way they are. Constantly having their ship sniped at over and over and over.

Get the fuck over it, you parasitic maggot. Suna is Canon. Not your shitty fairytale ship people like you insist on pushing all the time very likely including Lincoln Loud cause that kid has to be in everything according to this garbage fandom. Fucking deal with it.

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@Anon1 & Anon2 I swear, can both of you follow the tip here please?

Posted on 2019-08-22 13:43:04 Score: 0 (vote Up/Down)    (Report as spam)
*yawn* More of these dyke ships.

Posted on 2019-08-22 14:50:25 Score: 0 (vote Up/Down)    (Report as spam)
Just to impress these overrated suna shippers. Report my comment you like sunafags, but that won't stop me or anyone else.

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I'm not a loudcest fan for the first ones who use that argument. This only came out because of Sullivan's fetish that he had to wait for Savino to be fired to make the show one for sjw and hypocrites who believe that putting a couple of the same gender ended the crises of the world. If you want to see a good couple, there is yuri. They do not breally believe that the children are imprinted with this, they will not be political.

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Eyo daz gae...smh

Posted on 2019-08-22 15:40:43 Score: 0 (vote Up/Down)    (Report as spam)
Oh my God, why can't everyone just shut the fuck up?

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