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Posted on 2019-08-03 21:20:51 by 364wii_

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Nigs aye aye

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364wii_ you are a coward autoshipper who only seeks to attract attention, but the only thing you win is everyone hates you

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what is it with you guys shitting on this guy? why can't you guys just leave the dude alone and move on to more important things like maybe whatever interests the shit out of you instead of attacking others for such petty reasons? jesus christ.

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^ the sad part is, everybody's in their own world of imaginative autism that their opinions is the only one that matters as if it's true. you can continue telling this moral to everybody all you want, but society is such a piece a shit to the point that almost everyone will never take a hint.

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@Anon 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and Deewa can you all shut up? I don't like this guy autoship self-insert but sure I'm not going to annoy him. Because if he is just an honest self-inserter he is free to do what he waste his money and indulge in his fantasies to be able to fuck the girls in the Loud house while if he is a troll your comments are just making him happy. In both cases anyway the comments are useless. Anon 3 you instead are annoying because even if you try to say something that actually has sense (I agree with you indeed), why you say it only here? A lot of other people are harassed here, sometimes even for something more defendable than this like shipping, or the fact that some people like a character (more defendable than this since regarding shipping one should be free to ship whatever the fuck he wants (Ronniecoln, Loudcest, Jordancoln or whatever) and regarding people that like less liked characters I really don't think this need an explanation while the fact this guy is commissioning and publishing here always something with his self-insert is less defendable since in this way he is forcing something that isn't Loud House related in any way (even OCs are actually more related since at least they are done specifically for the Loud house while this can actually be used for whatever the fuck his autistic fantasies make him wish to fuck) and this is supposed to be The Loud booru not the Bland-stupid Self-insert booru and so I wish to see things from Loud House and not this. To the last anon, to act like a fake superior pseudo-intellectual is even more sad than what you just said it's sad

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Another one?I'm poor probably but I can't believe that this guy has just an average income considering how many pics he commissioned.I think he is at least from the upper-middle class.That's quite a lot of money spent.

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^^ lmao you anons always assume anybody's faking.

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^ What you mean anybody's faking?