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Posted on 2019-07-29 01:35:17 by NewCartoonLover75

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Based on this scene from the episode "Sitting Bull":, And based on this artwork of Lola tied up: As some of you viewers are looking at this picture I done, Is about Lincoln who is fed up with Lola's spoiled rotten bossy attitude and all of the bullying from her. Even he decided to call the "Loudcest" wedding off for on, So he prefer to get married to Pam Fox. The same girl who helped him get his revenge on Lynn for all of the bullying that she did to him, And this time. She helps Lincoln get his revenge on Lola for tying him into the chair:, Even she meets Pam for the first time in this pic. Also she ties Lola up and makes her suffered like the way she made Lincoln suffered.

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Boi you never give up on those fantasies do you?

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And you never give up of complaining?

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Lola ,really nigga. People are piss because your crazy and who next lisa for some reason.

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thiiis iiiiisss auuuuuutiiiiistiiiiiiiic!!

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"And you never give up of complaining?"

And you can't accept the fact that Lincoln has more balls than a sack of shit like you!

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^Hey why do you keep on advertising your youtube channel when no one bothers commenting on it?

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^Why don't you comment on it, moron!

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