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Posted on 2019-07-09 22:32:37 by OswaldEpic

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And here comes idgaf23. Bitching about this harmeless ship again. How pathetic.

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People who bitch about this ship are ignorant because they neglect to realize that Luna is bisexual, not lesbian, meaning that it is entirely possible that she has a crush on at least a couple boys in her school.

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That's what's wrong with this fandom. Their too stupid or bitching that Luna should like girls only. That's the problem with this modern society.

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Guys, going out with a person of the opposite sex and then with a person of the same person does not necessarily mean being bisexual. There is also the possibility of repressed gays who believed they preferred only people of the opposite sex, as they actually find themselves attracted only to people of the same sex. Here we talk about acceptance of true sexual nature after puberty. A gay man can romantically fall in love with a woman but not be sexually attracted to her, as he prefers only males. Here we talk about infatuation, not a real crush of love. Do you remember Andi Mack from Disney Channel? The public believed that Cyrus was bisexual or pan, since in the past he had kissed his best friend Amy, but the cast confirms that he is gay and that the kiss was based on a simple infatuation, not a real crush ... Also after the kiss, Cyrus continues to see Amy just as a friend.
Dopout, Luna has never been declared nor publicly defined bisexual by the crew, but neither lesbian or pan. Rather, she is declared to be in love with a girl. Instead, it was defined as "a free spirit". Thus, she may be bisexual or pansexual or a latent lesbian. However, I too believe that she is bisexual but I prefer to call her an LGBT girl for now, not a lesbian or bisexual. I think it's the right definition: Lgbt. I don't know if I can call it that, since I am straight. But I believe it is possible.