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Posted on 2019-06-29 22:17:25 by NewCartoonLover75

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Well, This is what Lynn gets for butting into Lincoln's love life with the School QT: And this is what anonymous gets for plot twisting and copying my comments, So therefore I will executed Lynn by blowing her brains out with that blunderbuss shotgun and Lincoln so excited to see her dead. And as for anonymous, Me and him wrapped a rope around his neck then hanged him by kicking a box and getting him choked to death by a tree.

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Even thought its fake and anons are getting on u because your not acting your age. Plus how is this "helping lincoln

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Well, Anons deserved it for plot twisting and copying NCL's comments. Even Lynn deserves this type of punishment for ruining Lincoln's chance of asking a girl out on a date. And well I got to admit this, But NCL is like a good father or a brother to Lincoln. And he wants to best of him, Not the worst.

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It's true what MichaelKnight88 said, I'm like a father or a brother to Linc.

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I you take one of us down, a billion will take it's place!
Just save yourself the trouble and give up now for you are outnumbered!

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But they speak the truth no matter what u do. Also no brother or father i seen in may life teaches their son/bro 2 kill

Posted on 2019-06-30 01:42:27 Score: 0 (vote Up/Down)    (Reported)
I say anything about taking u down; i'm calming u down , so u don't trigger everybody.

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of course he believes knight. they're both brain dead and delusional

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God, you're delusional as hell. Imagine drawing shit like this and thinking you're actually doing something good.

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Anon2 thank u

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