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Posted on 2019-06-28 21:02:54 by HappyMind

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NCL: You touch one hair on him, Lynn. And I'll have your bones for my dogs and your skull for a bowling ball, I swear to you!

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sure you will

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Now rape him

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^^Is it too much to ask to have an innocent girl watch her cute brother sleep WITHOUT some random basement dwelling man-child butt in and threaten her with death?! Seriously, do you even have a life outside of worshiping Lincoln as if he were some sort of god and get offended when someone so much as looks at him funny? Don't answer that. I already know the answer. Of course you don't! Your nothing but an oversensitive, big baby special snowflake who rides Lincoln's cock to the point where he's the only reason The Loud House is worth watching! To people like you, any one who's not Lincoln is a horrible human being that deserves a fate worse than death (even though that's NOT true, not by a long shot)! At this point you don't even deserve to be considered a Loud House fan since you only seem to like ONE character and and everyone else sucks in your eyes! Your contributions to this booru don't contribute to jack shit! All you do is make cringy ass pictures of of Lincoln getting revenge on Lynn, Ronnie Anne or some other girl just because you saw a picture of them doing stuff to Lincoln, some of which aren't even that bad, others are just Lynn or Ronnie Anne giving Lincoln a good time and doesn't warrant any revenge in any way btw, and type cringy ass comments threatening one of these girls with death or bodily harm either by yourself or the help of some random toon, which I'm sure would never waste their time helping a loser like you! Not to mention that you are a MASSIVE hypocrite! You made a comment in this picture "Well you know that boys aren't allowed to harm girls, Right?" yet here you are making pictures and comments of Lincoln and some other toons doing just that! And I've read the comments on those eyesores of yours, whenever someone criticizes you, what do you do? You insult them! You've never done any good for this website and just make true Loud House fans look bad. Do everyone on a favor and just permanently close your account and never come back, EVER! Oh, and go ahead and insult me for pointing out how much of a shit person you are! It'l just prove my point on how much of a ridiculously easily offended retard you are!

PS. Lypper will never die!

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^i love this comment so much. sad thing is you know he wont read it

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^you are right, i won't read it

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^^Not you! That was meant for NewCartoonLover!

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Sorry forget my comment
PD: i read it good points

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Why does every lynncoln post have 15 guys writing whole damn paragraphs

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