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Posted on 2019-06-28 05:11:45 by NewCartoonLover75

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Well here's another picture I drew, Is about Lincoln getting fed up with Luan putting him to so much crap. Well he decided to put an end to Luan's hellish game by tying her up on a chair and plans to make her suffered like the way she made him suffered, So as Lincoln does so. He grabs a gallon of gas and pours it on the floor, Then later grabs a light it match and desecrates her to death. Even Luan deserves this type of hell for doing this to him:, And also for doing this to him too:

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Seriously, what's your problem? Do you hate literally every character that isn't Lincoln? What's the point in this?

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Well, there is some poeple that hate Lincoln, but that doesnt justifiy this.

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This little sensitive fuck is building the meme of a year.

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If Luan can make Lana have an allergic reaction, get Lisa crushed nearly to death by a bed, and dump Bleach on Lucy, then she deserves to have gasoline poured on her and get lit on fire.

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^How about no!

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^Have you not seen the severity that her pranks could've caused in Fool's Fucking Paradise?

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^Yeah, on a cartoon. Seriously why are you acting like if they're real?

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"Yeah, on a cartoon. Seriously why are you acting like if they're real?"

Funny, seeing how you are AGAINST the idea of Luan being lit on fire despite JUST BEING A CARTOON!

Can we call you hypocritical fuck that deserves to be beaten by his "daddy"?


But then, Lincoln couldn't go through with it, no matter how pissed he is at Luan. Luan realizes she has been bad and has offered Lincoln the opportunity to "punish" her...but not before chopping off NewCartoonFag's balls and shoving them down his throat!