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One afternoon in the Loud House, Lincoln sits in his room looking at a photo album. He sees a picture of himself as a baby being hugged by Lynn. While Lincoln starts to cry, Lynn enters his room to check on him.

Lynn: Yo, Stinkoln! What's up?

She sees him crying and sympathetically asks him...

Lynn: Hey, are you okay?

Lincoln: No!

Lynn: What's wrong, buddy?

Lincoln: I miss the days before your horrible experiences at middle school, before you started acting all tough! I know your just trying to make sure the same doesn't happen to me when I eventually go to middle school by toughening me up, but...

Lincoln crashes down on his pillow and starts sobbing his eyes out. Lynn sits down on the bed and puts her hand on Lincoln's back and gently rubs it.

Lynn: Awww, Linc...

Lincoln: Whatever happened to the girl that stands up for me whenever someone's bothering me? The girl that applied a fresh band-aid when I skinned my knee? The girl who expressed her love WITHOUT hitting me?

Lynn: She's still here, Linky!

Lynn then pulls her baby brother up and gives him a nice warm hug and a few kisses.

Lynn: I'm sorry Linc. If I knew my rough behavior was doing THIS to you, I would've stopped right away! I never wanted to hurt you, bro.

Despite the fact that he's still crying, a small smile starts to form on Lincoln's face.

Lincoln: *sniff* You really mean it?

Lynn: Every word of it, dude. I love you, Lincoln.

Lincoln: I love you too, Lynn!

Lincoln then hugs Lynn crying even harder, making Lynn jump a bit at first but then returns the hug and start's consoling her brother.

Lynn: Shhhhh. It's okay. I'm here.

Luna hears the crying from outside the room and goes in to investigate.

Luna: Dude, are you alright? What happened Lynn?

Lynn: It's a long story, I'll explain later. Right now Linc and I need some time together.

Luna: If you say so. Just be careful with him, okay?

Lynn: After what he's been through, you bet I will!

Luna: Cool! Catch ya later, dudes!

Lynn: Hey, mean Lincoln! I'm gonna help you get out of your depression by being your roommate for the next few weeks!

Lincoln gasps in terror only for Lynn to calm him down to tell him that she's gonna be more hospitable.

Lynn: Don't worry, dude. I promise I won't give you any Dutch Ovens, bounce a tennis ball against the wall, practice Lucha Libre moves on you or snore loudly.

Lincoln: Promise?

Lynn: Cross my heart!

Lincoln: ...Wait a minute, you mean to tell me that you were snoring loudly on purpose?!

Lynn: ...Well, yeah. Usually when I snore it's actually really quiet. Lucy told me so.

Lincoln: But why though?

Lynn: I thought it would be funny!

Lincoln: You kept me up all night!

Lynn: Yeah, I realized that that was a jerk move. Sorry about that.

Lincoln: It's okay, Lynn. It's in the past.

Lynn: Hey, I just remembered! There's a Ninja Baseball Batman movie marathon on TV in an hour! You wanna watch it with me?

Lincoln: If it means spending time with my favorite sister, then of course!

The brother and sister then spent the next hour getting ready for the best sports/action movie series bases on a criminally underrated arcade game ever made!