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Posted on 2019-06-10 13:07:33 by Misha

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Sunafag go home

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I have seen too many disgusting things in my life and that they should not exist, I classify this image as one of those things.
Of course, as it is the month of pride now all support and make images, but when it is over we will see who helps them. The only thing I'm proud of is that my family is not part of that shit.
Let me tell you that I saw you in deviantart. Can not stand anything.

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^Then how did you find this site?

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This ship kills the fanbase

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^^I do not know what that has to do with what I said, but if you want to know so much, it was for users who commented on this page or links that showed you images here.

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oh shut your homophobic mouths let the artist like what he or she likes

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^^Well think of this picture as abstract art it's how I think of stuff like this or Shota art for a good example, rarely do I self-insert. And it's not homophobic because you don't like gay theme things.

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Deztheking Thumbs up!