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Posted on 2019-05-29 06:30:06 by NewCartoonLover

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What's he going to do? Make Lynn jealous by going out with Pacifica?

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Here's a picture that I drawn, Is about Lynn with her boyfriend Francisco and Dipper Pines from Gravity Falls. Who is hiding behind the bushes and gets surprised for what he is seeing, He sees both Lynn and Francisco dating, talking while. Then a crushed heartbroken Dipper feels betrayed by her, That she was only playing with his feelings the entire time and there was no such thing as "Lypper" all this time.

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@Codyvstheinternet : Nope, There's no such thing as "Lypper" a Dipper x Lynn shipping. Only "Wendip" a Dipper x Wendy shipping, Along with "Dipcifica" and "Padippica" a Dipper x Pacifica shipping. Even that dude is Francisco, Lynn's real lover. And right now he's going to breakup with her, Permanently!

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^You are another stupid Franciscofag if you think that Lynn Jr. should be sucking Francisco's cock you donkey raping shit eater!

And if you want to break up Dipper x Lynn Jr., have Dipper tell Lynn Jr. that he can't stand her jackass personality, especially her bullying to your "boytoy" Lincoln!

And Dipper should NOT be fucking those skanks from his show! Not when there are better options like Blair Dame (Fighting Layer) and Pagan (War Gods) out there.

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Hey, Screw Blair Dame and Pagan. Wendy and Pacifica are much better for Dipper, You Prick!

P.S. If you ever plot twist or copy my comments, I'll sent your ass to Afghanistan. YOU GOT THAT?!