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Posted on 2019-05-11 09:05:05 by NewCartoonLover

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Based on this screenshot from the episode Sitting Bull:, Well I drawn Lincoln who had found the perfect way how to get back at Lynn for abusing him like a dog: So he decided to form a friendly alliance with Pam Fox, The girl who Lynn babysit in that episode. Well Pam meets Lincoln for the first time in this picture, And she decided to help him get his vengeances on Lynn. By getting her all washed up with just extremely cold water, For good.

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Lincoln is killing everyone he is like mr pickles

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Butthurt confirmed.

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^ So what you're really saying is hurting lincoln is okay but hurting the sisters is wrong (even though the sisters have screwed lincoln over more than he does to them)

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Lynn deserves this karma. Lincoln never does anything to her so why should she do shit to him? Just because lynn is a girl doesn't mean her attacking her brother is okay. The way she treated him (despite being for comedy) it just shows how ignorant and inconsiderate she is and yet people depend her.

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I can see that his art is slowly but surely improving.

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They're a new shipping called Lincoln x Pam or "Pamcoln".

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NewCartoonlover, the poster child for crybaby butthurt Lincolfags

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Anonymous 3 Clearly not getting my point. The artist is sensitive over a protagonist fiction character that gets hurt. If the protagonist was real then yes it would've been a whole different story I even would agree, but he's arguing over and over again about this fiction character. To me it's just sad to see someone god defending a character who's not real.

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i hate pam fox

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