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Posted on 2019-05-06 03:58:47 by NewCartoonLover

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Here's another pic, Where a very vengeful Lincoln found another way to get his revenge on Lynn for doing this to him in the previous picture: And by doing so, He decided to tied up his abusive sports-playing sister Lynn on to a rocket ship. So Lincoln could send her to Mars or to the black hole, Where she'll never return alive.

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I'm curious to ask a question, but do you get offended all because of the image you posted the link?

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You, fool! That rocket has not enough power to make out of Earth's gravitational pull!! And besides you bought an ACME rocket, so this is gonna backfire one way or another.

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^ The rocket is probably gonna land on lincoln once he fires it up. lol

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Well, I was originally gonna draw about Lincoln telling both Wendy Corduroy and Pacifica Northwest from Gravity Falls. That his sister Lynn is stealing Dipper Pines from them again, As he does so. Both Wendy & Pacifica grow in rage of jealousy against Lynn, The 2 Gravity Falls girls released their temper on Lynn. By hanging her on a tree, And they both beat her up with a bat and a hockey like a piñata. Then both Lincoln and Dipper are watching both Wendy & Pacifica how they kick or whoop Lynn's butt 16 times, And Lincoln gets excited to see his sister suffering in pain while Dipper gets stunted for what he is seeing. Then later after Lynn got beaten up by the 2 Gravity Falls girl. She decided to beg for mercy that she will surrender and stop bullying Lincoln, For a long time.

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Can someone please ban this guy, I'm sick of his oversensitivity of Lincoln. That's all NCL does here waste potential on crap shitposts that aren't funny or satirical, just pissy.

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As much as i'd like to see him gone myself, he technically isn't breaking any rules. Unless being really, really toxic counts.

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^Geez, Take a chill pill. Why do you always have to be a bitter jealous anonymous to NewCartoonLover?

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I think NCL just draws this stuff to troll us. Or he's a third grader.

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I think to do drawings just "to get revenge" and "to cope" because someone experienced something that doesn't like,is a very shitty motivation.Besides if you aren't very witty and/or have actually some storytelling skill it is also going to suck.Fuck it's practical the same thing that does Chris-Chan with Sonichu and we can all see how shitty is the plot of his comic.And sadly we have also some artists here that draws this type of shit "to cope".And to add insult to injury some of these "artists" have so shitty drawing skills that just makes people want to puke.But at least you are doing this only against things you didn't like from the show and not from shit happening to you.At least for now.Also you at least show some skills at drawing since you are trying to respect the style of the show and your anatomy isn't completey fucked up(even if you have made an arm longer than the other one but still).But also you need to learn to not do wobbly lines and even more important learn proportions,just look at that match.So please continue to practice and follow some tutorials on how to draw.And throw away that shitty paper and buy some blank pages.Also please this have nothing to do with drawing but please begins to draw for the sake of it.Doing this just makes people look immature if they are serious or tryhard and unfunny troll if they aren't serious(even if at least in the last case I concede that incredibly some people are so stupid to actually take the bait).Besides in the case you are serious trust me that actually ignoring what you don't like instead to try attack it is better for your mental health.

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