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Posted on 2019-05-05 03:00:11 by neo4812

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This is the canon police, quite OC what you got there Sir, please get out the car with your hands up!

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^(The pic features a canon character as well)

"ha! Ha! Ha! You have no power here"

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She´s a Sin Kid! Open fire! Open fire!!!

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que rico si

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Poor Lincoln, He shouldn't be suffering this type of abuse. He should be enjoying his peace and freedom.

Well I think he made a huge mistake of marring his own bratty little sister Lola, So this infernal futuristic spoiled brat would abuse and manipulated poor Lincoln, Even he should go back in time and tell his past self to get rid of her. By calling a mental hospital to report his ill-tempered bratty sister, That she has been seeing gremlins everywhere in the house. And then the paramedics will come by wrapping her with a straitjacket taking her away from everything that she had worked through for, Especially marring her own brother Lincoln. Then she'll be locked up in a cushion room for the rest of her miserable rotten internal life, And that means it will disrupt the space time continuum and Lincoln's futuristic "daughter" will vanish in front of his own eyes. For good, It'll be like if he never got married to Lola nor he gotten raped and abused by Leia in the first place. And also he would be married to Christina, Paige, Ronnie Anne Santiago, Carol Pingry or with other girls in the past.

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Please tell me that the guy above me is trolling, I need to retain some of my faith in humanity.

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Sadism is somebody's kink.

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^^It's not trolling, that's a completely legit comment