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Posted on 2019-04-08 01:29:35 by MannysDirt

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Damn, is it just, or you love to draw Lucy, Mannysdirt?

I'm not complaining, because she is slender beauty. She is a slender-girl.

I hope when she is older, she grew into hourglass figure type.

Anyway, good job on made her sexy.
I love Lucy too.

And nice armpits curve she got that.
If my name not suggesting anything, I love me some sexy armpits from Lori, leni, Lynn, Linka and Lucy.


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Lincoln: What have we learned
Lucy: Sniffing your dirty underwear is only reserved for Lana and Lori
Lincoln: That’s right now enjoy the next hour while me and Ronnie Anne go make you some nieces and nephews

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Jesus Christ, Lucy..

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^^*correction (no disrespect)

Lincoln: So, what did you learn today?
Lucy: Never to jump scare you again.
Lincoln: And?
Lucy: A-ah-and?
Lincoln: You. Are. Mine. And I'll make sure you learn it through these fun little lessons plans. So don't worry Lucy, if this doesn't help I have other "creative" exercises to make sure the lesson sinks in.

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Hey man, I dig your style. I'd always wondered who did all of this art but I never looked. Keep drawing!