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Posted on 2019-03-25 12:52:37 by doodeet3

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"If in a future episode they don’t have the male rocker and Luna together,"

What is even more pathetic is that you think Luna's soulmate should be a NO NAME loser who is basically the equivalent of a celebrity's relative with no credentials! NOBODY CARES ABOUT NO NAME RELATIVES OUTSIDE OF FRIENDS AND FAMILY!

Here, I'll come up with one better soulmate for little Luna:

The Dragon Zombie (from Breath of Fire 3)

That's right, the same Dragon Zombie that got pissed at Ryu for not killing Garr causing a fight to break out amongst them. And after Ryu and Garr puts him in his place, he becomes the Shadow Gene.

And that's just the tip of the iceberg as there are even better soulmates than the Dragon Zombie for Luna to fuck. Point is, fuck the no name loser rocker and fuck you and your shitty matchmaking!

"If it gets canceled before then, I will take Viacom to court and make them give me the rights to Luna Loud and the Male Rocker."

Yeah, you go ahead and buy the rights to the Luna Loud character from Viacom with your Kickstarter or robbing a bank to raise the $1 Billion needed to pull it off!

If you pull that off, then I will concede defeat. (*snicker*)

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^Bruh why u have this comment here too?

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^To dare your stupid ass in pulling off the impossible, raising the money needed to acquire the rights to the Luna Loud character!

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I am planning on starting a petition at sometime soon

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^Were you dropped on your head or something? PETITIONS DON'T WORK! You'd have a better chance of robbing a bank than using a petition. Try a Kickstarter instead, but you'll need lots of help to get people to donate.

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What's even more pathetic is that this bigot won't stop running his cock eating mouth about NOTHING. He's just being a simple troll who's trying to start a flame war. Please ignore him (or her) guys. It's not even worth it.

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^And your a stupid asshole that can't stay out of other people's business! I hope you enjoy your future AIDS you fucking cancer!

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Anon 5, Must suck losing all those low paying job opportunities, don't worry I'm sure a McDonald's will hire you in the near future.

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TST is on his spring break. He will be posting again on the 15th

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