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Posted on 2019-02-09 05:43:50 by Guy_

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Can I get some fries with those milkshakes.

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I don't know why exactly, but I'm getting some serious Good Burger flashbacks from this.

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Anon: I'd like a number 3 without the pickles.

Leni: Like, totes for sure. I'd like that one too, but I'm like on a diet so no greasy nom-noms but it might go great with a vegi-smoothy-

Anon: Uh, miss? Can I get my food??

Leni: OH! I'm totes sorry, kinda spazzed there for a bit. Number 3 no pickles. Small, medium or large?

Anon: I gotta a large if it can fit.

Leni: Large it is- Wait, are you, like, what's that word? Hitting on me? Lori told me that's what guys do when they like you but I don't wanna get hit. That totes sounds mean!

Anon: *Feeling the oncoming head-ache of the century* Do you wanna go out on a date sometime after work?

Leni:....Oooohhh! I'd, like, YES! I haven't been on a date for months! After work?

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Well boys I'd like to clarify that oxxo its a chain of convenience stores in Mexico (though I heard they were expanding north) infamous for having two registers for every store and only one cashier for some reason. It also has, as you can tell, some absent minded employees

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Oxxo it's the Mexican 7-Eleven

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what is this low quality knockoff?