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Posted on 2019-01-15 10:53:56 by TwinsFan6

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At least Miguel has an interesting story to tell to the partner of his choice.

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You know it's not right to assume that a person is homosexual I work at a school with teacher who talks way the and acts the same way as Miguel but he's married to one of the hottest chicks on our staff making assumptions like that is just plain ignorance sidenote I ship jackie and migeul

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^but at same time, isn't even sure if Miguel is heterosexual. Of course, effeminate and gay aren't the same thing. An effeminate can to be heterosexual, bisex, gay, asexual or trans. And not always gay. An effeminate heterosexual is also called metrosexual. But if miguel will officially and really bisex or gay, then
This a problem for you?

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^^that's mostly problem of the guy who requested that pic

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^^no I'm just saying it's not right to assume Miguel or anybody else is because they look or act a way I support the lgbt community I just don't think people should be judged on how they look

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With the writers of this show and they way TV is going, I wouldn't be surprised if he is gay.