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Posted on 2018-10-28 17:44:23 by Guy_

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Chill <3

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Relaxing and erotic at the same time.

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And then Lincoln walks into the room with a huge erection.

Lincoln: "Hey slut, what are you watching?"

Lori: "Live footage of Bobby and his family from the Carlaya Islands, stopping that General Hellhawk prick. And how is...(notices huge erection)...your penis, Lincoln?"

Lincoln: (erotically) "Excited! You know, it's a very nice moonlight out tonight, and the rain makes it quite romantic here in this dark room."

Lori: (erotically) "Yes indeed, twerp."

Lori unzips Lincoln's denims.

Lori: "Holy shit! Look at the size of that thing!"

Lincoln: "And it's 'literally' full of spunk that needs to be released!"

Lori: "Hey! That's my word! Well, we are just going to have to get it out now, don't we?"

Lori starts sucking Lincoln's dick.

Lincoln: "Suck it, Whori! Make sure you lick my balls too!"

Lori sucks harder and faster, and then Lincoln deep throats her causing her to gag!

Lincoln: "Alright cunt, let's get you naked!"

Lori undresses.

Lincoln: "Alright Whori, on your hands and knees with your hot crack facing towards me!"

Lincoln then proceeds to lick Lori's butt crack and pussy, Lincoln finds the clit, to Lori's excitement and then fucks her tight butt!

Lori: "I love you Lincoln! I love you Lincoln!! I literally love you Lincoln!!!"

Lincoln: "I'm about to cum, slut!"

Lincoln then pulls out, turns Lori around, and blows a huge load onto Lori's face which Lori happily swallows as she sucks his dick again!

Lori: "Oh god! My #2 stains on your cock tastes sooooo good!"

Lincoln: "And I still got a ton more where that came from!"

Lori: "And there's one place you can unleash that, my pussy!"

Lincoln: "Fuck yeah!"

Lincoln starts fucking Lori's pussy like crazy and sucking her big titties too!


Lori: "Yes! Yes! Fuck my clit too!"

Lincoln pounds on her clit harder and faster, suddenly...

Lincoln: "I'm about to cum again!"

Lori: "Unleash it in my pussy! I literally want retard babies!"

Lincoln unleashes the biggest creampie ever, and then falls in her cleavage exhausted.

Lori: "That was literally so good...and I'm still horny!"

Lincoln: (panting heavily) "I'm all out of cum, I need some sleep."

Lori: "Let's sleep here on the floor together naked. And when we wake up, you are gonna continue to fuck me until I'm carrying a Loan!"

Lincoln: "I love you Lori Loud."

Lori: "I love you too twerp!"

The two then french kiss and fell asleep, excited for their future retard babies.

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^ you Ruined the picture idiot

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^You are a fucking waste of sperm, car gas tank fucker! I'm gonna enjoy breaking your legs when I find you!

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^ oooooo so scary oooo..
Some idiot threaten to break someone's legs just because they saying the truth lmao

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^Is that the best you got, greatshitninja? Can't handle the fact that somebody came up with a good Lori/Lincoln porno while you sit in your parent's basement all day eating your own shit?

Your mother wished she got that abortion!

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>dumb incestfag ruins a comfy Lori pic with his autism

At least put that stuff in a pastebin and link to it so you don't clutter up the comments dude

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"dumb incestfag ruins a comfy Lori pic with his autism"

Retarded Mishafag spewing shit again!

"At least put that stuff in a pastebin and link to it so you don't clutter up the comments dude"

How about you allow Lincoln's children to appear on here again instead, Donald Trump loving piece of shit!

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