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Posted on 2018-10-16 03:55:35 by Misha

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^So are you

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Actually, I more side with Anon on this issue. Sexualizing a baby is really gross and fucking demented.

I really think Lily porn should be taken off Booru forever.

Again, you CANNOT change my mind.

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It funny how people get mad at this when they fap to fictional kid porn regardless (Lisa, Lola, Lana, Lucy)

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Yah I don't care much for it ether and 99% of my porn is Cartoon (Furry, gay, bi, les, rule34, you name it cartoon) with only 1% being PornHub.

But it's not about changing someones mind I'm running on logic's and or facts and that's what I think is funny how people refuse to understand it's a hentai/art style called "toddlercon" and keep thinking it's something only this fan-base invented for this site only, maybe there's to many american and euro and or Super Young people on this site so witch may explain why so many don't know? or triggered outside of the feminist and SJW White knights.

Porn does not always have to reflect what your attracted to in real life, thou "men" get stereotyped harder then women for this, (I'm a Furry Porn fan) and never had a boner in a zoo. Cartoon Pornography is truly just sexual fantasy made visible and shareable and what's it should be about "just pick what you like" and nothing deeper then that because if your playing on "Sexualizing & fucking demented" then you have issues and have no biz faping to Lisa, Lola, Lana, Lucy, Lynn.
just saying. LMAO

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I never "fapped" to Lola, Lana, Lisa or Lucy. Don`t assume stuff, boy.

And with Lily, it throws in a whole different dynamic because she`s a baby and it`s gross to affiliate sexiness with Lily. I realise everyone`s different and all that jazz but at the very least curb your feelings for a fucking toddler. Makes you all look grosser than you already are.

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^Well as in your word's "Again, you CANNOT change my mind" :D and again pick what you like, that's what toon porn is about, thou I could see if Lilly porn was 80% of the site but it's not even 15% of the fandom porn.

Its cartoon porn nothing deeper than that So let the pepole fap! :D

Your FurryPorn Fan 4Ever

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Personally I dont like Lily porn but only because I really don't like Lily at all. But it will never stop being funny at how people get triggered by Lily but not the other characters. They say toddlercon is wrong yet they still look up Lisa, Lola and Lana porn who are also toddlers. If Lily is an exception then that applies to all the younger sisters.

In the end its fictional and I really don't give a shit if people like Lily porn or not and I'm not gonna act like some deluded moral crusader to make myself feel better about my life interests and decisions.

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Take it easy, it's just a drawing.

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^^Well in western countries or cultures toddlers are from 12-30 months and with kids being ages 5-12.

But then again I don't add all that in when I'm faping to cartoon porn