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Posted on 2018-07-24 23:04:06 by Sprocket

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Ironic. Lori once teased him for his Ace Savvy obsession and yet, three of her friends happen to be a fan as well.

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Lori is a basic bitch and a normie so it's obvious.

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What program does one use to create these?

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Lori is pretty much a hypocrite if she's totally okay with her friends liking something that her brother likes but in the progress make fun of lincoln for liking that very thing he likes.

Becky likes both ace savvy and that ghost hunting show. So this begs the question, why aren't lincoln and becky friends?

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^ @MegaRider Ooh, that could make for a good episode, Lincoln making friends with his sisters' friends.

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Anon2 Yeah, I don't see why they can't do that. It's been confirmed in friendzy (and also through out most of the show) that lincoln hardly has any friends to begin with. Yeah he was Clyde, Liam, Zach, Rusty, Ronnie Anne, and possibly even Girl Jordan (given recent episodes) but that's it really

Meanwhile the sisters have tons of friends that trumps the number of friends that lincoln has. Plus the friends of Lori and Leni are more nicer people to Lincoln unlike the kids at the school Lincoln goes to.

I can imagine seeing Lincoln having a good friendship with Becky and Chaz considering their common interests from deal me out (but mostly with Becky), and also making things rights with the four girls from dance dance resolution forging a better friendship with them putting him back in their good graces.

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^ Another good episode would be Lori realizing Lincoln has more in common with their friends than he does with her and the other sisters, that could deal a blow to her confidence as a sister.

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^Lori has a really fragile ego, it wouldn't be pretty if she snapped.

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Why was the third comment reported lul