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Posted on 2018-07-03 01:37:28 by TheGlorious

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There's just something about this ship that just screams to me. I mean Ronnie Anne is abusive, "New Girl" is a complete unknown that went nowhere, the other girls are all competitive and or hyper focused on something else, but this one? She just fits him. From what we've seen she's fun, adventurous, fashionable, is extremely generous, sporty, encouraging and even though she has a slight temper, she doesn't go out of her way to be overly vicious to those who she considers her friends. All the things he finds good qualities due to his sisters.

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^ Too bad the people who work on the show won't do that for both characters. Seriously at this point in the series the people who make the show don't even care about lincoln anymore. Most of the development and care goes to the sisters and some side characters these days.

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^Well isn't Jordan's design based off an actual person working on the show? B/c if it is then I doubt she would have much development. She's probably just going to be bitchy toward Lincoln. And I agree with you, the devlopers only care about the sisters. I feel they'll discuss Lincoln's hair and that's it.

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^^Can't wait for the next 20 years of the show