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Posted on 2018-05-16 22:16:14 by Sinful-Trash

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After Bobby found out about Lori betraying him and sleeping with her younger brother and his ex-bro, Lincoln, he became depressed. Carlota decided to help cheer him and to forget about the unfaithful girl who broke his heart. She wasn’t going to allow Bobby to be depressed over such a whore. She began spending time with Bobby by speaking and hanging out with him at the movies, going out to eat, and so much more. As time passed, Carlota’s efforts to make Bobby happy lead to Bobby realizing that he didn’t need Lori to truly make him but Carlota, who he realized he truly loved. The two fell in love conceiving an attractive daughter, they named Anahi Casagrande.

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i like it, hey booru!!

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Thanks, TMNTFAN85.

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Wouldn't Anahi's last name be Santiago since Bobby is the dad, or is the father's identity a secret?

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Good question, Misha. After Bobby & Carlota got married at 20, Bobby changed his last name to Casagrande because he didn't want his daughter to find out that he was dating his daughter's classmate Loan's mother, Lori. Not only that but he wants to prevent Lori from finding him or his family fearing what she might do to them.

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I'm no fan of incest but considering there voice actors are married in real life well played clap clap

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Thanks, anon ^

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Shit, I meant to say that Bobby DATED Lori not dating Lori, sorry,

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You're welcome and don't worry anyone could make that mistake also I have a question for you have you farted on your hand when you fell asleep on it by accident