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Posted on 2018-04-29 05:23:47 by Guy_

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Of course wouldn't obviously miss out on such a preposition of lola, and having deliberate sex with her, and you know, kid, you're like a letter on delivery days, you can't refuse them when you open them.

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The country is supposed to be a Spanish-speaking European one and they speak Spanish. But the accent sounds Mexican though.

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Ah, this great meme lives again!.

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Love this meme.

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Ashlola and Leoncoln

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A fag is a boy, so there.

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Anon 2, yeah, you're right. I am not spanian but spanish is my mother's tongue and a the oficial language of my country (Argentina). And one of the reasons RE4 is so popular here is because the gratituos (and incorrect) spanish of it is really funny. And yes, the ganados and the iluminados were mexican, it's the only viable theory :v

One of the funniest was the infamous "puedes correr!, pero nu pudes escondir!" which is near impossible to translate (wrongly) to english. But the correct to way to say it in spanish would be "puedes correr!, pero no puedes esconderte!" (you can run!, but you can't hide!). And a lot more.

Though it seems that spanish language is really hard for the japanese people. One example that made me laugh recently was One Piece, in the Dressrossa's arc. When sometimes (and in Violet's song) they call Sanji "pata negra", but "black leg" is translated "pierna negra", "pata" means "paw" :v

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The English voice actors are more or less from North America and I'm guessing they got Mexicans and/or people who learned Spanish from Mexicans to do the voice acting for those parts.

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