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Posted on 2018-04-16 16:48:33 by Luvel

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he loves and hate his childrem

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^ he loves them, but he hate the fact that he can't raise most of them (just imagine, being called "uncle", instead of "dad", ouch).

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^I wonder how long until he have a heart attack from severe sadness and heartbreak...
I mean, there are people who reach such sadness that they end up having a heart attack.
from the pic alone I can see he reached his limits and his heart will stop beating soon enough for not being able to be a dad, it may even kill him.
if it does kill him...I wonder if the sisters will ever tell their children that their uncle was actually their dad and that he died because they didn't let him be a father to them.

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^ are you asking if is scientifically possible to die because a "heartbreak"?

If that so, then the answer is yes, it's completely possible. Some persons feels so attached and connected with someone or something that being separated from them is like extracting a vital organ without getting a transplant. Their body can work some more time, but it eventually fall.

And if the sisters would ever tell their children about the truth, personally I highly doub it, at least the mayority of them would keep their mouths shut, not wanting their children to hate them (good luck with that, you can't keep a secret hide forever). The Loud sisters would be viewed as extremely disgusting human beings in that scenario,though.

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Lori definitely wouldn'talk.

Leni has a high chance to talk, she is such a sweetheart to hide it.

Luna, no, just no, she would never risk her career leting a bomb like this to be knowed.

Luan… that depences of the circumstances.

Lynn is a big NO, she just don't like to take responssbility of anything if it's not a sport prize, so no.

Lucy probably has the highest chance to tell Lupa the truth.

Lana, maybe.

Lola is another big NO.

Lisa probably would talk, it wouldn't be too much for her, she is already a very pragmátic and logic person.

Lily, this is completely random.

But, even then. We all know that Lincoln would be a loving uncle and father figure even if his sister don't let him be the father that the children needs. I am sure that his death would destroy the kids, and if they discover everything, they surely would loath their mothers with all their guts (with some notable exceptions). So yeah, the karma will deliver justice after all!

Anyone has some headcanons for this situation? For the sisters and the childrens?.

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there was one pastebin where liby,lupa and lacy go on a adventure to discover the truth, finding it in the end by a emotional lacy saying "why can't I call you dad!?" and making lincoln cry and tell the truth.
now refering torwards lincoln depression and ultimately having a heart attack.
I believe it will go down depending if lincoln survives or not.
1.-if he survives: he of course would be in a sad state where he will look pretty much dead.
the sisters rushing torwards the hospital and seeing him like that will make them realize just how important and incredibly vital are the children to him and that not being a dad is literally killing him, making the sisters one by one spill the beans.
leni or lori will probably be the first ones to say the truth thanks to the sheer stress and guilt they will feel by leaving their poor little brother in that state...and the last ones will be lola, luna and lynn but they will give out in the end because of their love for the white haired man.
2.-if he dies: the sisters will slowly go crazy in that case, I don't think they will be capable of taking the fact that he is gone and its their own damn fault.
the reason of their insanity by guilt is simple...they know who he is and what a wonderful man he is, they know regardless of everything that lincoln is the fucking best and everyone else is a very distant 2nd and 3rd place.
they watched his birth, how he grew to become one kickass man, his undying everlasting love for them growing past any limitations, his love for his children, etc...
no one compares to him and they know he would have been a kickass father but for bullshit reasons and stuff they decided to make this true father figure a distant relative...and that killed him, the father of their children, the best choice and the best ever.
in the end, they will all give in and say the truth, they didn't have children with him out of accident but out of pure love, they will never be capable of denying that and that they love him.
out of stupid decisions he got killed, "to protect the children" and "what will everybody say?" my fucking ass, they should have simply tell the kids that lincoln is the father but never tell them that he is "lincoln l. loud".
the sisters will probably never recover from his death and the kids will get fucked up in the head by that, probably making rita and lynn sr to raise them like their own children and do their best to heal them.

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>there was one pastebin where liby,lupa and lacy go on a adventure to discover the truth, finding it in the end by a emotional lacy saying "why can't I call you dad!?" and making lincoln cry and tell the truth.

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^ ah yes! "Keeping it in The family" by Smallface, one of the best one-shots about the sin childs I ever read (and I read a lot! :D) if someone want to read it, here:

And I LOVE your headcanon, pretty in-canon and heartwrenching, yet, still beautiful. You did your part with the sisters, let see if I can do mine with the children, this is for the "dead Lincoln scenario":

Loan was already a very troubled person, but after the revelation she went pretty much insane. Now the coldness and neglectful treatment of Bobby made sense. Having lost her uncle, her friend, her REAL father, and with her mother being completely crushed emotionally and mentally, the poor blonde is completely alone in the world, being mistrated and bullied by her half-siblings (Bobby's ones). In the end, Granma Rita and Granpa Lynn take her from that horrid place. Bobby pretty much didn't care. But at that point, Loan needs professional help to deal with the trauma. She still loves her mother, is one of few persons she have in the world now. She has problems getting a job, but little by little, it seems she will be a computer programer.

Liena suffers from depression, but she doesnt hate her mother, offering forgiveness and realizing that Leni needs her as much as she needs her. It takes time, but they eventually recovered. Now she is a wonderful patissier and remembers Lincoln every day.

Lyra was devastated, not only for the loss of someone that she deeply loved, but also to discover that she and her little brother were a product of a sin. Still, she doesn't blame Lincoln and would had liked to call him "father", he was the only (positive) adult influence in her life. Lyra was livid at Luna, but, faithful to her christian beliefs, she offered forgiveness to Luna only to be shocked at Luna's refusal to accept responsability of anything. Eventually, The rockstar began to digg herself in alcohol, drugs, party, whatever it takes to shut down her mind so that the guilt wouldn't kill her. But this turned her into a wreck with violent outburst, so that couldn't take care of Lemy. Disgusted, Lyra takes him away of Luna's harmful influences. Even so, Lyra always tried to help her mother, always. But Luna didn't accept it.
These days, Lyra is a renowed compositor and orchest's director. And her melodies have a very melancholic vibe on them, still its leave you with a heartwarming and hopeful sensation at the end. After every sunday morning mass, she still go with her violin to Lincoln's tomb and play to him the same melody that he helped her to learn.

Lemy didn't know how to react at first, after the sadness came the fury, and he was understably resentful at Lincoln for not saying anything. Yet, the pain overcame the wrath and he realized that Lincoln always was there for him anyways. And his death was not his fault, but someone else… still. He hadn't had time to confront Luna, cause his sister take him to the grandpas house. After seeing what the rock's lifestyle did to his mother, he didn't want that life anymore. Actually he is a teacher in primary school, wanting to educate and help kids with their problems.

Liby was not mad, the sadness occuped her heart. Luan's heartwrenching apology did help Liby to eventually forgive her. Now she is a renowed online novelist, with her detective Abraham Blizzard saga being her masterpiece. Though, is good that she is well paid, because Luan lives at her expenses now. The Loud sister was not capable of doing anything remotely funny anymore after Lincoln's death, she still has some jobs from time to time and gives Liby that money, but is more symbolic than useful.

Lacy always suspected something, she never knew her dad, but uncle Lincoln always was a friend to her, and her fan number one. Uncle Lincoln, her mom and her were practically a family, and she felt that she was special, that she was closest to him. Her mom and uncle still lived in the big house after all. She didn't care about a dad, with uncle Lincoln, she had more than enough. But at the age of 6, her idiot of a mother decided that she was going to marry her childhood crush, Francisco Arancel, she never liked the man, always interrupting when her mom and dad were affectionate to each other, and mom just decided to marry Francisco, just like that. Now that she knows the truth a lot of things make sense. But what really made sense was his unc-dad's face when mom told him her stupid desicion, he was completely, utterly heartbroken and horrified. That was the first time that Lacy can remembered that Lincoln clutched painfully his chest. She still can remember how mom dared to scold Lincoln for not "taking it as a man".
Lacy was not mad at Lynn, she HATED her, and the years that followed Lincoln's death, she barely spoke to Lynn. And when she reached adulthood, the first thing she did was changing his last name to Loud again, her friends though that she was trying to gain more sport trophies for the Loud clan but Lynn knew better, Lacy was using her father last name, at last. But Lacy's next move shocked everyone, even Lynn: she quited all sports, cheerleading and rejected her sport schollarship. Only Lynn and Lupa know why: Lacy didn't want absolutely anything to do with something related with Lynn. The adult took it hard, even going into a bloody fight with her own daughter. But for the first time in her life, she lost, and badly. After defeating her mom, Lacy leaved that "home" and never went back, leaving her mother alone in a house with a man that she really never had loved in the slightest, and with sons that sincerely she didn't like. While her daughter, her true daughter, hated her. The depression and guilt stroke horribly.
After that , Lacy practically wrote off Lynn of her life. Nowadays, she is a cop, career she chosed because she aspired to be a hero just like the ones from her dad's beloved cómics.

Lupa always though of death as cheap, but after Lincoln passed away she finally understood that nihilism is a lie, she suffered greatly the lost of her only beacon of light and hope in her Life, the one that conforted her after the kitty incident, the one that convinced her to stop leting her mother dye her hair, and the only one that made her life less shit. And now she had to learn that that man was her father, father that she didn't had the chance to really know because her mother was such a pussy whom couldn't face the others or her own heart. What a idiot. Still, she cuts Lucy some slack, at least she was not a whore like certain someone's mother, and, even if she never pursued the incest relationship, at least she choosed a life of solitude, Lupa respected that. These days, she is the owner of a well knowed restaurant specialized in italian food. And, as a late gift to Lincoln, she quited smoking, for good.

Little Lizy was such a young child when uncle Lincoln went to heaven, she cried for hours after that, later she learned that he was her papa. That made her even more sad, and happy. Sad, because now he couldn't play with her anymore, or take her to the park for some icecreams, or just being near her, just like a papa do. And happy , because thanks to him, she now had a lot of siblings to play.
Thanks to being so young, Lizy grew free of the heavy issues of having something like that trowed at your face at a older age. To the little lizard, what happened was weird, but not something sick or gross, just that:weird. Mama and papa loved each other very much and decided to have a child and that was enough for Lizy. These days, she is starting to gain a stable and sizable fanbase as a amateur film director, hoping to reach Hollywood someday. She have a very good relationship with Lyra, and the brunette, mama and her goes to the church every sundays.

Leia's reaction was a nuclear fallout, the buttlers were scared shitless of the little princess sheer wrath, even Lola was a bit unnerved by her At the horrible pain she felt, she also felt that she was a freak, and a abomination. Surprisingly Lupa conforted her, and made her see that she was a completely normal human being. Leia always feel disgust towards her mother's husbands (in her short life, Leia could count FIVE of them already, disgusting). Specially when the last creep tried to touch her… only to beated to half-death by uncle Lincoln. Nothing serious happened to her, but she spent all that day crying on his uncle's chest. After that Lola divorced inmediately, and tried to be there for her daughter, but Leia distanced herself from her, who couldn't trust into the women that let a monster like that enter their home? The revelation of her true origins nailed it. She didn't hate mom, but she didn't trust her either. Actually, she is the owner of a five star hotel. She is slowly starting to let Lola be in her life again.

Lulu was a special, she didn't take it bad, she felt more dissapointed at her mother cowardice than anything. Even so, she likes to hear stories about good old Lincoln, and stops her mother attemps to bring him back to life when Lisa has some of her sanity slippages. She is still deciding if she wants to be a scientist like mom, or a goverment's assasin, he, pops loved ninjas.

Lani always was…odd, even Lupa was scared of her. And being a product of incest only made her chuckle, Lily just didn't know what to think… or do. Nowadays, she hangs around with her friends, but maybe being in the underworld is what she really wants to do.

As a final note, at the date of Lincoln's birthday, all the siblings go to Lupa's restaurant to enjoy a good meal in family, even some of the mothers go from time to time (except Luna and Lynn, the former caused a ruckus while being drunk, so, banned, and the latter, well Lacy just leaves at first sight, but Lynn tried to force her to stay, things went violent once more and a rematch inssues, Lynn lost, again. Lupa would never ban Lacy, but she ban Lynn).

Times weal heal most of the wounds, they have each other and the love between the. And, while their are eating, they feel that Lincoln is there, at the table enjoying the time with them.

Fuck! That was long! But I was inspired, so this is the result, maybe I should write a fanfic based on this.

A beautiful pic, by the way.

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^nice one anon, you should truly try it out.
and I got an idea of past lincoln accidentally sent to this hypothetical future and dealing with this complex stuff.
I am in fact starting now.

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^ thank you very much wise anon! n.n
I'm going to try to work in something these days.

And I love you're idea about the past Lincoln, you should totally try it, dude. Let see what kind of surprises you have in store for us.

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