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Posted on 2018-04-15 03:52:10 by TMNTFAN85

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Tmntfan85 I like your pictures and how your not afraid of what people think of you but don't think you go overboard sometimes also your hate towards clyde and Sam is understandable but there not bad character clyde is much deeper than we think and Sam is awesome too and so what if luna likes her it's ok besides no one said it is a permanent thing she might end up dating some guy

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^Have fun talking sense to him. This the same guy who blocked someone cos they didn't like LoudCest LOL

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^doesn't hurt to try

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@Del not surprised he does that

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@thegreatgreninja the person wasn't even being rude either. Considering all the delusional fans he have and the fact he been forcing his interest on everyone I'm pretty sure he's a failed troll or just obsessed.

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^ i'm not forcing anything on anyone. if they like my stuff, good on them. and i only block assholes who give me a hard time (*coughsafehousecough*) but over all i'm a pretty chill dude.

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^ yeah but you need to cut back alittle I mean sam and Clyde aren't they might have been well thought out characters but not bad don't get me wrong I love your art except for the homo shit and if you hate the suna ship it's fine a lot of people don't but it's not like permanent she might end up with some guy she meant by accident and as for Clyde just take him with a grain of salt