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Posted on 2018-02-12 18:48:22 by ant

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When I saw this, it made me laugh a lot.

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Wow something I hate even more than clori

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Funny how people are ok with this...but clyde liking Lori = gross

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^oh people hate this too probably even more so the thing about clyde is she thinks of him as a friend she just thinks of Carl as Bobby's cute little cousin though I don't how anyone could could that little rat faced pervert cute but not like either of them have chance with her the only guy she loves is bobby

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^I just find it fucked up that bobby's cousin is trying to cuck don't do that to family!

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Wait tlll he meet Lola!

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I do admit lola is a cutie not in a loli sense I but really don't think the ugly little runt would be into lola or vice versa I could see Carl getting a crush on leni she's just as hot lori and a whole lot nicer but leni still has crush on chaz or whoever else the writers chose her to have crush on

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Part of why people don't like Clyde is due to overexposure. Carl has only shown up a couple of times, so most people don't have much of a problem with him. If he showed up every other episode crushing on Lori, people would probably quickly get tired with it like they did with Clyde's crush.

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^Of course the Mexican would defend the Taco character.

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