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Posted on 2018-02-10 23:46:08 by Anonymous

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Lori:Oh boo boo bear your cockpit tastes so good
Bobby:babe your tongue is so gentle yet so hard how are you and Sammy doing leni
Leni:to good Sammy is totally a pro at sex
Sammy:so are you angel I love you
Leni: I love you to honey
Ken: damn luna you are so tight
Luna: and you are so fucking hard rock on
Jesse:luan is your doughnut ready cause I'm gonna glaze you
Luan:hahahahah go one Jesse now less talking more f ing

Now before anyone mocks me to make yourselves feel better about your tucking existence I just did this for fun

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^Kill yourself.

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^after you

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Lori is in love with Hitler"s Dick

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Lori's in love with Hungarian 300 mile long Big White Cocks