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Posted on 2018-02-01 22:06:03 by FunkyRorm

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we all have different tastes even if they are good or bad for other people, we should only respect and tolerate others even if they think with ideas that you do not like, I go through the same and I am not ashamed, only my ideas are different from the others people, and this is just a fictional series with fictional characters.

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lolacoln 666 O_o

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you're not ashamed because you hide behind anonymity
and not even registered users seem to understand free speech.

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There is nothing more off-putting and ridiculous than Loudcest.
Except the alliances Peje has made with other party members, soccer players, and actors.
AMLO: My house is your house.
That is definitely uncomfortable to see, wasn't he supposed to refuse this rubbish from the mafia of power?
Oy, these old men!

Note: The second to last sentence gave me trouble, not sure what "no que no" means, is it some idiom?