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Posted on 2018-01-31 02:20:10 by Sprocket

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To those who don't know sketchtoons is was answering fan mail one of them being a fan saying that thicc qt or jodie as he calls her (side note:I personally like the name)has a thing for little boys like Lincoln which he finds hilarious and then this picture of her and her brother George or male rocker as you people call him and then precedes to laughing their asses which makes sense to me why would a sexpot in her mid 20,s have a thing for an albino turbo dork like Lincoln

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^ Maybe because this borru has a habit of showing content between Jodie and Lincoln.

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^I know I just hate Lincoln getting shipped with every other character on this show not that I hate Lincoln I just rather see him with ronnie Anne Also you don't have to call her Jodie it's what sketchtoons calls her But you can call her whatever you want