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Posted on 2018-01-28 03:47:05 by Anonymous

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Is it okay if I have your permission to share this?

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^ Yeah sure , thanks for asking ^^

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I've been wondering for a bit now...what's up with the Blue Lincoln/Pink Linka?

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^ It how I started out in /tlhg/, It was started off as a quick and easy steam profile picture, But then later on it developed a life of its own.

So this is based on my idea of an alternative universe where the Louds are in Japan or a place that looks like that, along with their genderbends/ background charaters. They are all not related, the story focuses on Linc as he started out as an un-adoptable orphan, but with this quick wits and intelligence, manage to find work as government worker, which basically provides what he needs. Linka jumps in as a his only neighbor on the same floor in his apartment complex. Together the two go off on slice of life/ comedic adventures. Any more questions?

(Also Blue hair linc and pink linka, helps identify me when I get on 4chan)

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Thank you. Also I added your name on a tag and I added the sources.

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^ thanks!