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Posted on 2018-01-13 12:32:53 by Sprocket

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^The artist changed some minor details to make it unrelated to the original secret comic.

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^So...This is only a comic inspirated by "The Secret" and the characters aren't the Loud kids.(Besides,now that I think,apart the different names,they have also slightly different outfits and Dominique has light hair while Tristam has dark hair)

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Oh god he's back

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So basically it's just same thing but because he's using different names and has made a few minor cosmetic changes we're supposed to pretend like it isn't?

If you wanted ruin my excitement for something that did it real quick.

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I... listen, I get it you don’t want to be called out for copying the secret, but for Gods sake don’t do this. I like your art, the attention to detail is great and the expressions on the characters are more pronounced and realistic, which is great. But for the love of God, do not change the names of the characters, we all know who they are and changing x to y when we damn well know the y is x (side note but Dominique? Really? Luna doesn’t even look like a Dominique. If you’re going to change their names choose names that fit their damn characters.)

And don’t get me started on the cosmetics, again we know who they are, changing their names and fucking hair color can’t change that, and trying it is honestly insulting.

Again I love your art and I hope to see more of it in the future. But for the love of god don’t change the traits of the characters, Either give the story your own little spin and diverge from the original storyline into a different set of events, might be interesting. Or if you are insistent on the cosmetic changes then drop the loud houses stick and make it its own original comic. If you go with that? Create your own original characters, their own look, backgrounds and so on. Because their is no better way to piss off the fans than this, making a few cosmetic changes and calling it something it isn’t, kinda gives the impression of you calling us idiots.

Sorry for that, just wanted to put in my two cents, again I like your work, hell I would love to see more of your content, just read the rant above and see why I am Discontent