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"Up" ellie sad scene scene ver. lincarol?

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^indeed...though I made a draw of lincoln and carol hypothetical child though...he inherited the best of his grandparents.

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anon1 to anon2: tag please for context

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kemono69 I adore you and I love you without any questioning but I must ask what the fuck happened here?

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Carol Died or What?

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Mas bien parece que Carol perdio al bebe que esperaba de lincoln

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A mi me parece mas bien que es infertil

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Sorry guys just random sketchs. Let me see if I can create something with this: AU What if?

What if royalwoods were a pokemon region? We followed Lazy's journey as a rookie trainer, in her quest to win the league, and thus prove to her mother that she is not a loser, and maybe, just maybe, find out who her father is.

What if Luna were a terrible mother only interested in Sex, Drugs And Rock & Roll? The misadventures of Lyra taking the role of the responsible adult, living on the bus of his mother's mediocre band, as well as avoiding the advances of Sam, her mother's girlfriend. Alternative title: "PedoSam 2: The New Batch"

Regarding the latter,

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The seconds became minutes, the minutes became hours, or that is what it seemed to the young man of only 15 years who had stolen his father's clothes and played to be adult, spoke like adult, was almost the height of one, but deep down he was just a child, who more than ever, wanted to return to that world of video games and comics.

There was him, trapped in the doctor's office of a costly clinic that was two counties of his city, dragged for a fifth or sixth time by his girlfriend, several years older, only to hear the same thing always from the mouth of a pretentious middle-aged man —"Low viability, only 3 surviving ovules, in vitro fertilization, requirement of surrogate mothers, cryo preservation cost per year" — Honestly, he only cared to get out of there before his father noticed the lack of the family van in the middle of the night.

After receiving the results of the last study, the doctor left the office, leaving him this burden in the form of a young woman broken by tears, hundreds of words crowded in his mind, phrases full of encouragement like the ones you find in a cheap book of self-help, usually something like that would be enough to lift the mood to his best friend, but this was not the occasion, so he just stood there watching, listening her crying, crying that turned into a slight whine.

—One lives in the smile of her children.— Finally she broke the silence, barely audible and broken voice, but at least she had stopped crying.

—That's the last thing I remember from my grandmother.— said the young blonde.

Again the silence seized the office, after a few more minutes, thinking of the calculation test that awaited him in the morning, he decided to end this drama.

—Carol, there are other ways, besides I do not understand your insane obsetion for being a mo— The strong contact between Carol's hand against his cheek cut short anything he could say.

—You do not understand, you're just a spoiled child, I bet this is what you expected, just make sure that a damn mistake did not ruin your perfect life, well they confirmed it to you, so why do not you go out and look for someone from your age! — The slap in his face was nothing compared to his words, perhaps because deep down he knew they were true, they were so young, especially him.

—Just get out and forget about me. — The screams had given way to tears, out of the corner of his eye. He could see the office door, neat and shiny as his ticket out, and on the other side, there she was, broken, vulnerable, with her eyes swollen from so much crying and gnawing, for the first time in his life Lincol Loud understood the difference between acting like a man and being a man. He held her tightly in his arms and kissed her.

—Get it! Hundreds of couples go through something similar, this is not the end of the world, I have you and you have me and at the end of the day that's the only thing that matters to me, damn it! And if you do not like it, so bad, because I'm willing to spend the rest of my life fighting with you, just to have you by my side.— Was it a proposition? Not even he knew, only knew that every word was true .

She looked at him as who were looking at a person for the first time. This could not be the same kid for whom she was paid 15 dollars by night as babysitter, the same kid who loved to read comics in his underwear, the same kid who stealing her first kiss, not this was not a kid, this was Lincoln Loud the younger brother of her classmate, Lincon Loud his secret boyfriend for at least 2 years, his Lincoln.

She sank into his chest and cried again, but this time for a different reason.

—You idiot, you're such an idiot, how can anyone be such an idiot?— She complained, but there was no malice in her words, only she could make an insult sound like a compliment.

—I know, but what does it make you?— He scoffed.

—The idiot's girlfriend.— Finally a faint smile was peeking out of her beautiful face.

—I just wanted, not only to be a memory, that a part of me was always with you.— Carol sighed, like someone who gets rid of a great burden.

—What does that mean?— Asked the white haired boy.

—Nothing.— She mumbled before to lose herself in the safety of his arms.

At the moment Lincoln ignored these words, although something in his subconscious warned him, something about Carol leaving the university, something about her mysterious trips abroad, something about the other doctors' specialties, oncology and other strange medical words.

Three months later, he buried her in the family crypt of the Pylgrim. Himself prepare the flower arrangement. Only a priest and a mansion worker attended.


Nine months later

Md: Hi, Miss Pylgrim. I am a doctor of your reproductive clinic, the reason for this message is to inform you that tomorrow the contract for cryo-preservation of your ovules ends, so if tomorrow the contract is not resumed, we must discard them, please contact us as soon as possible.

A drunk Lincoln read the message, thinking the best insult he could use to answer the guy at the clinic, what would he do with three fucking ovules? it would take a genius to use them.


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