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Posted on 2017-05-02 05:43:10 by Antiquity

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Weird but cool

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Change the names and this is perfect, I want read a fanfic with a only child Lincoln and clyde's sisters.

Specially with this Luan version:

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Also. How would this AU be?

Lincoln raised by a Gay couple, the Louds as an afroamerican family, Ronnie ann and Bobbie as Irish (based on proto ronnie), Carol as an Asian beauty, ClydexRonnie could be a thing, Lincoln x any Loud sister would not be weird, this is written by itself.

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I think Carol would be black, since Lori and Carol are the same race in the actual show.

I think people would still ship Clyde with his new sisters instead, since I imagine people wouldn't like Lincoln as much if he was constantly getting nosebleeds around black!Lori (assuming Clyde acts like Lincoln and Lincoln acts like Clyde.)

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Black Carol (I need this in my life), yes you have a point Misha.

But I was proposing an fan AU, so Lincoln would remain the same, both in personality and being the main character, but it would be fun to add subtle changes, less tolerant of Luan jokes, not fearing Lori, more enmity with Lynn, secondary characters become more important, Lyncoln best friends are Tabby, Polly, and Haiku, Dana is the new crush of Clyde, the possibilities are many.

Also adds this change, his adoptive parents are Agnes Johnson and Ms. dimartino.

Finally no matter what, AUs are always fun ways to explore different aspects of a series.

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Love it.

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If Clyde stays named Clyde, does this mean all the Loud Sisters need "C" names?

Because I can see Lynn being renamed Charlie and Lola gets to be Caroline

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in this specific I support Cloud

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We could change the name of clyde as a quick fix. But your idea is much better, so let me try.

The Clouds

Cory Cloud
Connie Cloud
Chander Cloud
Coraline Cloud
Charlene "Charlie" Cloud
Clyde Cloud
Carrie Cloud
Carola Cloud
Carla Cloud
Clarisa Cloud
Cissie Cloud

Try to use phonetically similar names (except Luna), the names for Luna and Luan were the most difficult, Chandler means Moon in Sanskrit, with respect to Luan I could not decide between Coral and Candela.

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I went with:

Lori - Callie
Leni - Cassie
Luna - Chandra
Luan - Cammi
Lynn - Charlie
Lucy - Carmilla
Lola - Caroline
Lana - Claudia
Lisa - Cathy
Lily - Caitlin

Caroline was a deliberate nod towards Outkast, while Lucy's vampire obsession made it too hard to not go with Carmilla.