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Posted on 2017-04-17 04:45:46 by Antiquity

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Context, please?...

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At the end of "The Prodigal Lincoln", Lisa reigns in the chaos and traps the rest of the sisters in the basement after Lincoln decides to escape the house after visiting/being urged by Lynn in juvie. She will proceed to "fix" all of them in place of Linc, hopefully, and coincidentally, in time for Lynn's own release from juvie. The rest, as one could say, is history.

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im concerned with the fact this fandom has some obscene fetish with abusing the characters

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Eeeh, don't all fandoms have that though?

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As I read through the story, Lisa does use very brutal torture methods as part of her experiments and brainwashing.

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Before he retired, the last update to his story showed that Lincoln decided to take a more 'forceful' route to save all his sisters. (and anyone else that meet the wrath of the incest cult) Also Luna decided to change teams. Not in terms of sexuality, but she sided with Ronnie and Lily