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Posted on 2017-01-27 13:12:23 by Antiquity

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God I wish I could fuck the shit out of her.

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"Is it in yet?"

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Lincoln: it is in? she is too small she said...
Lincoln: well you fucking skank, guess what?, your ass is so big and tight that my dick can't even pierce inside, its like you superglued your ass-cheeks on purpose just to laugh at me.
Lincoln: I mean, considering the fact that I'm fucking 11 years old, my dick is slightly above average ADULT size...and still getting bigger as I grow so you ain't got shit on me.
Lincoln: oh! did I forgot to add that I live with 11 horny sisters and 1 horny fertility goddess that happens to be my mom?, ever since they discovered I had a BIG dick, they started to fuck me HARD, my stamina skyrocketed just to survive a day with these semen vampires for christ sake, they have raped me in the middle of the night and I got so used to that that I don't even notice now.
Lincoln: I mean, my mom doesn't have problems riding my dick or letting me fuck her like this and she have a BIG ASS, she is even bigger than you and we didn't have any problems fucking so...what the hell lady?.

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This is why big ass never work