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Rita: "I am okay with the rampant incest in this house but using a self-pleasure device? That goes too far!"

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^Leni: (crying) "But mommy, I didn't mean it! I want to like know what love is!"

Rita: "Dumbass, Leni! You fuck your brother 3x a day!"

Lynn Sr.: (walks into room) "Hey Rita, V.A.N.N. has found where those ninjas who killed Jimmy Smits are hiding out."

Rita: "Finally, gonna get my second chance at killing some ninjas!"

Lynn Sr.: "Now, now Rita, let's try to avoid gruesome violence if it's uncalled for.
And for the love of god, can you avoid doing headshots for once?"

Rita: (to herself) ("I'll headshot you if you try to restrain me again!")
(towards Leni) "As for you, you are confined to quarters till further notice, and I'm confiscating this."

Rita and Lynn Sr. leave the room.

Leni: (crying loudly)

Later...Lincoln enters Leni's room finding Leni all curled up in her bed.

Lincoln: "Hey, beautiful. I just found out what happened and I'm here for you." (climbs into Leni's bed)

Leni: (pulls Lincoln towards who bosom, causing Lincoln to get erect) "Linky, I just like wanna be loved. What is wrong with that?"

Lincoln: (erotically) "Nothing, baby."

Leni: (erotically) "Linky...I want fuckies!"

Lincoln: (erotically) "So do I."

Lincoln and Leni undress. Leni grabs Lincoln's erection and strokes it.

Lincoln: (erotically) "Leni, What are you 'doing?'"

Leni: "I-I'm like making you feel good, Linky!"

Lincoln: "I meant, what are doing stroking me 'slowly'?"

Leni is hurt, tears falling from her face.

Leni: "Am…am I not sexy enough?"

Lincoln: "N-no! You are…sexy! (erotically) I meant that I want you to stroke me faster."

Leni jerk's Lincoln's cock harder and harder. Lincoln was breaths heavily; pleasure surged through the nervous system.

Lincoln: "I'm gonna cum!"

Lincoln climaxes all over Leni's big boobies and beautiful face! Leni swallows all.

Leni: "Tastes so totes good!"

Lincoln: (erotically) "I'm still horny!"

Leni: "I love you Linky! Out of all the guys I have known, you're the only one who has never turned out to be a jerk."

Lincoln: "Damn straight! Now get down on all fours and start sucking dick, slut!"

Leni slowly sucks cock.

Lincoln: "Faster, whore, faster!"

Leni: (stops blowing) "Wait! I thought my name was Leni."

Lincoln: (slaps his forehead) "Just suck my dick faster Leni."

Leni sucks faster while grabbing her panties with her other hand and rubbing them against her wet, dripping pussy.
Leni then puts the panties in Lincoln's face.

Leni: "Smell them, Linky, they're like totes soaked with my love juices."

Lincoln: "Damn, it smells nice! Now let's tittie fuck!"

Leni: "...huh?"

Lincoln: "Put my monster cock in between your giant boobies."

Leni wraps her breasts around Lincoln's cock. Lincoln bites his lip as the tittie fucking gets intense.

Lincoln: (erotically) "All right, my turn to thrust. Show me that hot, sexy butt crack of yours."

Lincoln inserts cock into Leni's butt crack for anal sex.

Leni: "Fuck me Lincoln!"

Lincoln slaps Leni's tit hard.

Lincoln: "I'm already doing that. But I can do this!"

Lincoln fucks Leni's butt harder and faster!

Leni: "Oh god, Lincoln! It hurts so good!"

Lincoln turns Leni around while keeping his dick inside her butthole till she's facing him.

Lincoln: (erotically) "I'm in the mood for some milk..."

Leni: "But Linky, My ass is on fire with your dick rubbing in it! I don't want you to pull out!"

Lincoln: (sigh) "I meant sucking milk out of your boobies."

Leni: "I'm a cow?"

Lincoln: "Just enjoy the pleasure. I'll do the rest."

Lincoln sucks Leni's tits for a few minutes. Just then...

Lincoln: "Oh god, Leni! I'm gonna cum again!"

Leni: (with pleading eyes) "Go ahead, cum in my asshole! Let me feel your babies in me!"

Lincoln shoots out a giant load of hot cum up Leni's pooper!
Lincoln and Leni's tongues tangled tightly around together in their mouths as they french kiss.

Later, Lincoln and Leni laid down, embracing each other in their arms while gazing into their eyes.

Leni: "Lincoln, like, I'm happy to be loved by you!"

Lincoln: (erotically) "And I love you too. I am the man with the plan after all."

Leni: "And…in a matter of nine months, I get to have your babies!"

Lincoln: "What?"

Leni: "Well, you did come inside me. So, like, I'm now pregnant.
Though, I'm not like sure how I'll be able to give birth out of my butt, and if the baby will have to eat my…"

Lincoln: "Leni, I hate to break it to you, but you don't get pregnant from the ass! You get pregnant from the vagina!"

Leni is about to cry.

Lincoln: "However, I'm still horny and I got one more load to blow."

Leni gets excited.

Lincoln: "Now spread that pussy open and let me pound it hard and fast until you are carrying Liena's and Lyle's!"

Lincoln pounds Leni's pussy hard from the deep penetration position, then he cums in her!

Later, Lincoln sleeps in Leni's arms. Leni still awake, but fatiguing fast gives Lincoln a kiss on his head and whispers,

Leni: "I love you Linky. I'll never leave you or our children ever."

Leni falls asleep excited about her future motherhood.

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Fuck this gay fanfiction you ANon cucks.

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Stab yourself in the throat Trump loving cocksucker!

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I'm gonna kick your fucking ass Chink!

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^ You ain't doing shit you Trump loving cocksucker!