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Posted on 2020-07-06 17:28:53 by Q*bert

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I really hate sin kid´s are worst happen tothe booru and the fandom in general.

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Before I thought they were great, but now I realize that they really encourage the worst of booru

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You're alright there?

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Sin kids are the WORST to happen to the Booru? You sure? I'd ssay it's Meeza selling out to shitty ad revenue and destroying the booru is far worse.

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^ I'm barely familiar with the sin kids but I still question why they are hated so much when they are the product of loudcest. The one thing more than half the fandom adore

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I... Oh, well... I just hope I did at least a decent work coloring this comic. I know that, at least partially, the fault for the negative votes and comments I received here and elsewhere (even if here the comments are caused more for another thing, but anyway the point of course is still here, I know it, and I'm sorry for that...) is the fact I don't do a very good work; I meant, I'm not very skilled and actually I suck a lot... And so I'm really, really sorry for this guys... I will continue to practice and I can only promise this (And indeed I hope I'll become good with time... That I know actually means almost nothing considering is coming from a nobody good at nothing like me. But is the least I can do... Damn, in moments like this, I'd again like there was also a way to send messages to people here... But then again, now that I think I could risk to be very annoying in that way, since I know that probably nobody would like to receive useless shit from me, like when I wanted to ask to Gl!b for a place I could be able to follow him or like here in which I can only excuse me for my skills, so maybe it's better this way...

Posted on 2020-07-08 00:24:37 Score: 0 (vote Up/Down)    (Reported)
Well, for me the sinkids or abm was like a sort of "what if" about some pairings, it was interesting how the background of some sinkids turned to be and there was a lot of different inputs, but I think the real issue started when they tried to establish a fan "canon" (not a fanon, a fan canon where fans should abide by other fancanos, stupid as sounds) where certain characters had to be stablished in a way, most stupidly agreed to that instead of each doing their own thing with the abms.

That happened in part thanks to Patanu getting on the sinkid bandwagon and began to push his flagg consecrated bullshited oc Lemy as an edgelord kid who puts even the most NSL lincoln edgelord in shame, then flagg with his Lemy´s bullshit making him a woe became the basis for pretty much anything abm related, making that fandom stagnated with lemy, his bullshit, and his clones (lylie and roberto, other woes). Then a good chunk of the abm fandom sort of devolved into a Lincoln hating ground and portrayed him like an asshole and the sisters were excused despite them behaving the same or even worse.

Due that, Lemy was even more pushed and woed while smearing his father at each chance by patanu and his fanboys to justify Lemy banging his mother and aunts in revenge, then even Patanu excusing himself and feeling "ashamed" and deleting some stuff that he draw about Lincoln x daughters, but at the same time encouraging mothers/aunts x lemy.

In sum for me was because Patanu´s and his fanboys´s hypocrisy. That´s why even if I do like loudcest to a certaing degree, I like the non-incestual kids way better, way less drama.

You did a goodjob like always, truly don´t sell you short.

I dislike most of abm, but I don´t mind karmakaze pics, at least he does pretty much everyone and in a fair way.

Posted on 2020-07-08 02:06:31 Score: 0 (vote Up/Down)    (Reported)
^ Oooooh I see now. it was a case of pushing a single idea why everything just domino'd into stupidity. In that case I can see why the sinkids are hated so much and why people tend to do their own things.

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Nice to have a color version

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