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Posted on 2020-06-29 20:20:02 by thegreatgreninja

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You chose this over what you did before...?

Your name shouldn’t have the "great". For you are one of those who praise themselves by sharing this kind of content to the displeasure of the public now.

But you, you are guided by your boyfriends and people who have the same capacity as you...

Yes, that’s me. Your "white knight", Cuckenninja.

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Sam: So Luna, who you dating these days. Still that pink haired guy with that green tattoo?

Luna: IDK. You still dating that blonde woman?

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Canon. Choke on it, losers!

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@Anonymous4: Oh ok.

Now that you’ve finished making a fool of yourself, could you explain to me what you gain by saying that this is canonical or that it’s good as you say with your darkie's ships?

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Yay Suna!!! :D

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^^^No you dumbass. Luna is canonally single until she gets a boyfriend

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This overused ship is the large spore of toxicity in the fandom.

It's non-cannon, those episodes that have any of those phonies from L Is For Love are from a what-if AU for those that want nothing but to know who's fucking who.

Enough with that, let the show continue to be a story of family, friends, and adventure.

And don't even think about using that "Your a homophobe" bullshit, like others I simply just don't like the ships, their rushed, bland, pathetic.

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Sunafags loves to be triggered over a different fanship.

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