2 weeks ago
When the show ends

I've been in so many fandoms, like adventure time, gravity falls, and countless others.

MlpFim is going to end soon. and I was thinking what are we as fans going to do? how long will you stay in the fandom after it ends? I know the MLPFIM fandom will have some who will leave and others who will stay.

I just wonder how long will it be until this fanbase dwindles in numbers. there's no doubt people will continue working on TLH fanart and fanfiction.

personally I think the loud house might end after season five. if that's the case I hope they give closure like King Of The Hill did.
2 weeks ago
Potentially never. There was an old fandom I was part of a decade ago and its still very active despite no new material of it being present for it for 5 years and counting.
2 weeks ago
Ideally even the fanbase winds up drying up after the show ends, this booru would serve as sort of a time capsule of the works the fandom made when it was around. Hopefully the booru doesn't get deleted before then lol.

That said, even if the fanbase won't be as robust, I think it'll be one of those shows that continues to get new fanart long after the show is over like Teen Titans or My Life as a Teenage Robot.

2 weeks ago
The Invader Zim fandom is still kicking and that show cancelled prematurely in the mid 2000's. Though it might ignite again because of the TV movie coming.

I have a feeling Loud House will hold much the same seeing as this series is relatable.
2 weeks ago
it'l have a following. and then some years later, it'll get rebooted.
2 weeks ago
The key to keeping your fandom is to give your piece of entertainment a satisfying ending or at least one that leaves them wanting more. Or attractive characters, worked for avatar and Teen Titans.
2 weeks ago
Although it is a bit reflective of our own mortality, it is best to understand that all things end. But the part that’s seldom discussed is the reincarnation that takes place at some point in time after the death of someone or something. When this version of the fanbase ends, with all who helped make it into what it ended as for that generation, a newer generation will produce a new version after rediscovery. It may not happen immediately, but it will happen. You can see this kind of restoration in the minecraft community, where not only did it spark a great interest, the fan components of the community were greatly restored with adult players mostly or soley interested in learning the game’s mechanics. Of course, minecraft has had things added since the first adult generation regressed, but the proof of concept is existant. So, for the Loud House fandom, including this doujin, the userbase will be replaced by another one down the line.
2 weeks ago
It'll keep going after the show eventually ends. Several fandoms are still going strong to this day after their shows finished. At the very least, I'll still be here when the Loud House ends.

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